At Burgin Drapery Workroom, we have been creating, manufacturing and installing our custom window products and more for generations. For residential clients, our team fabricates window treatments, as well as dining room and bedroom accessories.

Our qualified in-house design professionals have expert product knowledge, offer free consultations by appointment, and guarantee that when you purchase your desired window treatment, it will be installed correctly and professionally.

In addition to our in-house design professionals, our staff works with interior designers, decorators, architects and many independent clients in the greater Des Moines area, specializing in fabricating products not easily found in retail stores.

We work closely with our commercial clients to design and manufacture, or select, and install the right window products to meet their needs.

We Do It All at Burgin Drapery Workroom and relish the opportunity to assist you in personalizing your home or business...
Roman/Soft Shades
Special Treatments
Blind/Manual Shades
Motorized Shades
Cubicle Curtains

Burgin Drapery Workroom  I  1433 E. Grand Avenue  I  Des Moines, IA 50316  I  Phone: 515-262-2900  I  Fax: 515-262-0667  I  Email
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